Welcome to EdBoost's Tests and Curriculum

EdBoost assesses all new tutoring students on Common Core Standards mastery in math, reading, and writing.

Through years of one-on-one tutoring, EdBoost has also developed a wide range of standards-aligned practice materials that tutors, parents, teachers, and even students themselves can use to practice and master academic skills. Our practice materials are specifically designed to be clean, unadorned, and provide as much practice as possible per page. They are also designed to cover only named skills (and pre-requisite skills) -- so you know that when you print EdBoost practice, your child won't be confused by work that incorporates a new or more difficult skill.

EdBoost recognizes that all children learn at different paces and some children need more practice than others to execute an academic skill with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence. We also know that when students can execute a skill with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence, they learn to love that skill, and are more likely to look forward to learning more skills.

So, EdBoost practice packets tend to contain a lot of problems. They also contain a rubric at the bottom. When students can finish a page of practice within the time and accuracy limits, they can stop practicing: they have achieved mastery. But if they need more practice, it's there for them.

EdBoost's practice material aligns with EdBoost's philosophy that students learn best when they start at their current level of knowledge and work their way upwards, mastering skills of increasing difficulty step-by-step, focusing on the skills that are the most critical building blocks for learning new skills.

To find out what skills your child needs to work on, have him or her take an assessment. Then click "My assessments" to find practice for the skills that still need work.

Good luck and we hope that these materials can help your child enjoy the sensation of pure accomplishment that comes with knowing that you CAN do those math problems, you ARE a great reader, and you DO love to learn.