CollegeBoost! College Application/Essay Prep Workshop

Did you promise yourself that you’d finish your college applications and essays this summer, before the madness of senior year begins? Let us help you stay ahead of the curve.

Join us for a 2-day college application intensive workshop. Part of our mission for the workshop is to help you choose which colleges to apply to (including dream schools, realistic schools, and back-up schools), and fill out “brag sheets” and other pre-application materials.  A huge portion of the workshop will be dedicated to writing (and rewriting! and rewriting again!) college application essays.  With many colleges going test-blind or test-optional this year, essays are going to be critical.  We want to make them unique, interesting pieces that really help you shine!

Bring your most recent transcript and an idea of what kind of college you’d like to attend and we’ll help you put all of your materials together. Once the applications come out in September and October, all you’ll have to do is enter in the material that we’ve already compiled!  Most students leave the workshop with at least two nearly complete essays that just need a little fine-tuning before being pasted into college applications.

Take advantage of this two-day workshop to meet all of your “summer goals” regarding college applications.

$250 (Scholarships available)
9 am -3 pm (Wed - Thurs)