Tiffani Chin, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Tiffani is the Executive Director and co-founder of EdBoost.  She has been tutoring and doing test preparation since 1990 and is the author of two books, School Sense (a how-to manual for parents) and Tutoring Matters (a how-to manual for tutors).  She has written numerous articles on children and education. Tiffani received her B.A.(1995) and Ph.D. (2002) in sociology from UCLA, where she graduated summa cum laude and received the Charles E. and Sue K. Young Graduate Student Award, as well as the prestigious national Spencer Foundation Fellowship for Research in Education. She wrote her master's thesis on the private high school application process, her dissertation on a local fourth grade classroom, and conducted post-doctoral research on the transition from elementary school to middle school. 


School Sense: How to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School includes a wide range of tips and advice to help students get the most of out school, stay organized, and avoid driving their parents and teachers crazy! The book strong emphasizes parent practices that can make parents' lives easier and teach children life-long study skills and work ethic. (School Sense: How to help your Child Succeed in Elementary School, Tiffani Chin, Santa Monica Press, 2004).




Tutoring Matters: Everything you always want to know about how to tutor is a how-to manual that teaches tutors how to connect with students, teach skills, and build a personal relationship that they can use to push and motivate their students. (Tutoring Matters, 2nd Edition, Tiffani Chin, Jerome Rabow, and Jeimee Estrada, Temple University Press, 2011 (pictured: Tutoring Matters, 1st Edition, Jerome Rabow, Tiffani Chin, and Nima Fahimian, Temple University Press, 1999).




SAT and ISEE Prep, Writing, History, Literature, Private High School/College Advising