Consonant Practice: First and Last Sounds

Common Core Grade Level:

Description: Packet includes: 10 pages of practice (5 pages of beginning sounds, 5 pages of ending sounds) with 12 items per page.

This packet contains activities for children to practice identifying sounds (from the beginning and ends of words), and writing the consonants that correspond with those sounds.

Worksheets show pictures of commonly known words (sorted by type: animals, household items, foods, etc.). Beneath each picture, words are written, missing just the first or last sounds. The rest of the letters are shown both to assist adult helpers identify the items in the picture and to help students begin to recognize entire words. This set of work sheets focuses on "regular" consonant sounds. It does not ask students to identify beginning or ending sounds that are "secondary sounds" (such as soft g or soft c) or blends (such as sh or th).

Grade level: Packet is designed for students just learning sounds: Preschool-1st grade. Students who are ready to move beyond this level of worksheet should be able to do all pages very quickly and easily.

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