Batbaby Finds a Home Reading Comprehension Packet

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Reading comprehension packet and answer key for: Batbaby Finds a Home Summary: Batbaby Finds a Home is a very cute story about a bat family that has to make a serious of moves after their home is destroyed. Batbaby means a range of other creatures in their search for the perfect home. There are full-color illustrations throughout the book. Questions packet includes lined areas for students to write in answers (and practice both writing skills and penmanship). Reading level: 1st grade (early reading, including multi-syllabic words and short but detailed sentences). Themes: family, home, making friends, problem solving. Audience: Beginning readers who are ready for books that are a step beyond simple phonetic readers. Although the words in this book are fairly simple, they include a range of sounds and blends and require students to read a full range of sight words and sound out new and unfamiliar words. This book is the "easiest" level of books that starts to have a real story.

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