Paul Fleischman

Wesley is disliked by his peers for his peculiar personality. So instead of trying to get along with others, Wesley puts all of his time into dodging bullies, as well as reading to become more knowledgeable in different subjects.  

As summer vacation approaches, Wesley decides that he needs a summer project. Since he does not fit into the society he currently lives in, Wesley realizes he can utilize all of his knowledge and create his own civilization. Wesley uses his knowledge to grow a massive garden. He uses some of his crops for food and he even creates oil that doubles as a suntan lotion and a repellant.  However, in order to aid him in maintaining his civilization, Wesley decides to hire some of the kids that bullied him. As his civilization begins to thrive, Wesley goes on to create his own sports, fabrics, and even his own language in his new civilization called “Weslandia.” The other kids, enthralled by the society he has created, are drawn to Wesley and want to be a part of Weslandia. In the end, he is no longer a social outcast.
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