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BoostDesk! Online-Schoolwork/Homework Assistance

socially distant edboost campWith a new season of online school upon us, every child needs a proper desk to sit at --and ideally that desk will be stocked with reliable Internet and a tutor to help students understand a new concept or review an old one.

Homework & School Project Assistance

EdBoost offers Homework & School Project Assistance (HASPA) for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Homework & School Project Asstance is a drop-in program -- students enroll by the day or by the month, and can attend as much (or as little) as they need to within that period. We maintain a 5:1 student to Homework Assistant ratio in HASPA ensuring that students always have an academically skilled adult to help them with their work. Homework Assistants help students complete their homework (re-teaching any skills that students need help with and check the homework (including proofreading written assignments, quizzing for tests, and helping students to make their work more accurate or more complete). Students enrolled in HASPA receive full access to our computer lab, library, project room and supplies, and our Homework Assistants who are all certified EdBoost tutors.

All standard K-8 academic subjects available.


$35/day or $400/month (Need-based scholarships available)

One-on-One Academic Tutoring

K-8 tutoring starts with a free standards-based diagnostic test, followed by a personalized assessment and tutoring plan. Students then meet regularly with their tutors to improve their academic skills, fill in academic skill gaps, and improve their grades and test scores. While some students work with their tutors primarily on school homework, other students work on material from previous grades, and still other students work ahead of their class. High school tutoring is subject specific and aligned with students' high school curriculum and homework.

K-12 Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, Foreign Languages (please ask for specific subject availability)


In-Center K-8: $65/hr

In-Center 9-12: $75/hr

At home: add $20/hr (+ additional $10/hr if not on the Westside)

Summer Enrichment Day Camps

Although we love summers for vacations and days at the beach, it's also a great time to catch up, keep up, and leap ahead academically.  EdBoost enrichment day camps are intense, fun, and productive.  Students learn new skills, practice old skills, and do a lot of academic work.   

Test Prep Tutoring

EdBoost offers test prep for all major standardized admissions exams (ISEE, HSPT, SAT, ACT) as well as the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).  All test prep tutoring is administered individually and preceded by a free diagnostic that we use to pinpoint students' strengths and weaknesses, choose an appropriate tutor, and develop a student-specific tutoring plan.



In-center: $85/hr (Need-based scholarships available)
At-home: $105/hr (+$10/hr beyond Westside)

Test Proctoring

EdBoost Learning Center is a certified Testing Center for BYU Independent Study.  

All subjects

All grades

$45 per exam