CC Authorization Form

To make it easy to complete monthly tuition payments, we offer families the option to sign up for Automatic Monthly Billing.

We will send you, via email, your invoice for each month by the 25th of the prior month. That email will also include your current balance (which will account for any additional tutoring, or cancelled tutoring, from the prior month).

Then, on the first of the month, we will bill your authorized card for the current balance. 

To sign up for this process please fill out the form below.

You can fill out the online form, or download the PDF version fo the form (English on the first page, Spanish on the second) and submit it by email (, fax (323.345.6473), or in person.

We will confirm receipt of this form and let you know when your first payment will be proessed.

Thank you for using EdBoost's online payment system. 

If you prefer to print and fill out a PDF, click here

Logging in will ensure that all of your forms are attached to your account.

Please use the links in the orange "user login" box to LOG IN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT and then fill out this form.

It is very simple to create an account (you only need to provide a username, password, email, first and last name).

Thank you!

Online Authorization Form

I authorize EdBoost Learning Center to charge my credit card for academic services to be rendered. I understand that monthly charges for my child(ren)’s tuition will be billed to this card on the first of each month (for the coming month’s tuition), as per the billing schedule that is attached to this form.

I understand that if I do not wish for my child to receive services in a month, I must cancel my student’s enrollment by 9am on the last day of the prior month to avoid being charged. (For example, if I do not want my child to receive services in April, I must cancel by 9am on March 31.)

I understand that if I cancel a class (with 24-hours notice), I will be credited for that class on my next month’s invoice. If I discontinue tutoring, I will be refunded any balance on my account.

I understand that I will receive an email on the 25th of each month, telling me the amount that will be charged to my credit card for the following month’s services.

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