Tutor Qualifications

Because EdBoost is committed to providing high quality educational services, we maintain higher standards for our tutors than do most local for-profit tutoring agencies.  

All EdBoost tutors must:

  • Have a B.A. or be enrolled in a 4-year college.
  • Pass a rigorous 90 minute K-8 standards exam.
  • Achieve As in high school/college classes in subjects that they tutor.
  • Be smart, personable, and enthusiastic about learning.
  • Be background checked.

EdBoost also believes that test prep is a special type of tutoring.  Not all good students are great at tests (and not all great test takers are great students!).  We believe that there are two parts to being a good test taker: having good academic skills and understanding how to choose the "best" answer for any given testn (which means understanding how the test works).  Thus, we only allow tutors who are also great test takers to do test prep tutoring.

SAT, ACT, ISEE, and HSPT tutors must meet the requirements above and:

  • Score above the 95th percentile on the SAT, ACT or GRE.

AP and SAT Subject Test tutors must meet the requirements above and:

  •  Score above the 95th percentile on the relevant SAT Subject Test or a 5 on the relevant AP test.