HASPA Student Contract

Parents, please note: Although we encourage you go to cover the HASPA Student Contract with your child, we will have him or her fill out the form with us on his or her first day in HASPA.  Going over the form together helps us to make sure that all students understand what is expected of them in the Homework & School Project Assistance Program. 

Homework and School Project Assistance (HASPA) Student Contract

EdBoost aims to improve students’ understanding of school material, grades, test scores, confidence, and love of learning.  To achieve that goal EdBoost has created a set of rules for HASPA students to follow.  Your signature at the end of this contract indicates that you have read, understand, and intend to abide by EdBoost’s rules and goals.

____ As a HASPA student, I understand that I must:

  • Write a complete list of my homework on the “Homework Wall” every day and in my planner.
  • Complete my homework completely and correctly, showing work when requested.
  • Do extra practice when assigned by a Homework & Project Instructor (HAPI).
  • Ask for help on homework or to study for tests when I need it.

____ I understand that while I am in HASPA, if I will not complete my work, will not do my work correctly, or will not do extra practice assigned to me by tutors or HAPIs, I will be asked to call a parent or guardian and go home for the day.

EdBoost aims to create a productive and comfortable environment in which all students can complete homework and learn.  To create that environment, we allow students to take a short break after school, eat while they work, and choose their own seats.  However, EdBoost staff members may change seating arrangements or remove food/other items if they determine that a situation is distracting or if a student is not working.  “Break” ends 35 minutes afterPalmsMiddle School’s dismissal (see sign next to clock in Project Room).  If you arrive after the break ends, you may eat while you work but you may not talk.

____ I understand that I:

  • Must not disrupt other students.
  • Must not distract myself (with food, toys, or other items).
  • Must be respectful of other students and their food and possessions.
  • Must stop socializing once “break” ends (35 minutes after Palms Middle’s dismissal).
  • May only go downstairs to the store during break.
  • May use my cell phone only to call parents or adults who are picking me up.
  • Must step into the hallway to call or receive calls from my parents/pick-up.
  • Must clean up my area and put my materials away before I leave.
  • Can only use my ipod or other electronic device to listen to music as long as it does not distract me. If a tutor, HAPI, or my parent does not want me to listen to music while doing homework, I may not.

 ____ I understand that tutors and HAPIs must maintain a productive and comfortable environment at EdBoost.  I understand that:

  • I must treat tutors and HAPIs with respect.
  • I must treat other students with respect (which means, no physical contact with other students, no name-calling, and no teasing).
  • I must not take (even as a joke) other students’ possessions or food.
  • If a tutor or HAPI asks me to move to another seat, I must comply.
  • If a tutor asks me to stop doing something or put away items, I must comply.
  • If a tutor asks me to give them an electronic device (phone, IPod), I must comply.
  • If a tutor asks me to give them my food, I must comply.
  • Anything taken away will be given back to me at the end of the day.

____ I understand that if I ignore or refuse tutor or HAPI requests, or act disrespectfully to tutors or HAPIs, I will be asked to call a parent or guardian.  I understand that if I must make a second call to a parent in a week, I may be suspended for the week.

EdBoost encourages computer literacy and computer use.  However, we also want to protect students from unmonitored Internet content.

____ I understand that I must not – at ANY time:

  • Visit Myspace.com, Facebook.com, or any other “personal webpage” site.  I may not visit any part of these types of sites (even direct links to my own site).
  • Chat online (including using AIM or instant messenger or other sites with real chat).

____ I understand that if I visit any of these sites, I will lose ALL computer privileges for one week (five EdBoost days).  During that week, I will not be allowed to use any computer, for any reason, even to do my school work.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

____ I understand that after my break, I may only access educational websites, including:

  • Websites that contain math, reading, grammar, spelling, history, or science content that is appropriate for my grade level.
  • Websites that link directly to school assignments.
  • Websites that have been approved, that day, by a tutor or HAPI.

____ I understand that if I visit a non-educational site after my break is over, I will lose extra curricular computer privileges for one week (five EdBoost days).  During that week, I will not be allowed to use any computer, except to do my school work.

____ I also understand that I may not eat or drink by the computer.  If I eat or drink by the computer, I will lose ALL computer privileges for the day.

____ I understand that if I am suspended from EdBoost for any period of time, my family does not receive a refund for any tuition that they have paid to EdBoost.


I, ____________________________________, have read, understand, and agree to follow the rules and guidelines set above.


___________________________________________                            ______________

Signature                                                                                   Date