EdBoost FAQ

When did EdBoost begin?

EdBoost began in 2002 as an itinerant enrichment program and opened its Palms learning center in September 2004. EdBoost piloted the first implementation of SOURCE from 2006-2007. Who started EdBoost and why? EdBoost was founded by Executive Director Tiffani Chin and Meredith Phillips (an Associate Professor of Public Policy at UCLA). We are both sociologists who study educational inequality. Our research, and that of many other social scientists, shows that out-of-school learning opportunities are far more unequal than in-school learning opportunities. Thus, we came to believe that the most critical -- and possibly the most easily remedied -- need in the educational system today is for high-quality out-of-school academic help. Drawing on Chin's extensive tutoring background, we developed the EdBoost model, tried it out during summer programs in 2002 and 2003, and finally launched EdBoost Learning Center in the fall of 2004.

What does the name EdBoost mean?

"EdBoost" has two meanings. At the most basic level, we strive to provide an "educational boost" to our students. Thus, Ed-Boost. Boost also stands for "Better Opportunities and Outcomes for Students." Contrary to popular opinion, however, there is no one named Ed who is the mastermind behind the operation.

How are scholarships determined?

EdBoost uses a sliding scale to determine scholarships. We strongly encourage families who have less than $70,000/year to apply for scholarships. Families with lower incomes and/or more family dependents qualify for larger scholarships. Full scholarships cover up to 95% of EdBoost fees. Typically, 60-70% of EdBoost students receive scholarships for EdBoost services.