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StoryBoost! (Creative Writing)

Writing is an essential life skill -- and in order to write well, we need instruction, practice, and feedback.  And, there's more to writing than just essays.  Fiction and creative essays are critical parts of our culture.  And producing those works of writing can be a wonderful way for children and teens to express themselves.

StoryBoost! is a week-long day camp that focuses on writing stories.  In the process we learn vocabulary and the writing and usage skills that are most critical for creative writing.

The first four days of camp will focus on four different aspects of good creative writing: point of view, the elements of a story, using all five senses to create great descriptions, and writing dialog.

Each day students will write a short story or passage using the lesson of the day -- building what will become their final story. Students will "workshop" their writing with the class.  The class will learn the rules and etiquette of writing workshops and then read their works aloud before discussing their writing with other members of the class.

The final day of camp will focus on finalizing one complete story: incorporating workshop ideas and suggestions, improving grammar and style, and generally polishing one final story that will be formally presented to the class (and any parents who are available for the last hour of camp).

StoryBoost students are pre-tested and post-tested on writing knowledge, skills, and vocabulary.  Students leave the class with improved vocabulary, improved writing skills, a better understanding of the foundations of stories and literature, and a wonderful story that they've written themselves and revised based on peer feedback.  Every student should feel confident enough to write a creative story or essay if they feel inspired -- and this camp gives them the tools to do so.


Camp Dates:
Can read/write (basic)
Grades (refer to the grade your child will enter in the Fall):