Stargirl - Reading Comprehension Packet

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Reading comprehension packet and answer key for: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Summary: Stargirl is a fun and interesting book told from the point of view of Leo, an ordinary high schooler in suburban Arizona. One day, a new girl, named Stargirl, arrives at Leo's middle school and turns everything upside down. Stargirl is kind and quirky and wonderful. The other students can't decide if they hate her or if they want to be just like her. Likewise, Leo likes her but doesn't know if he should if no one else thinks she's cool. The book deals with peer pressure, conformists, teen crushes, teen angst, and teen goodness is a light, poignant way that appeals to both boys and girls. It's a book whose characters and moral readers will remember for a long time.

Reading level: 7th grade.

Themes: growing up/coming of age, friendships, peer pressure, being different.

Audience: A relatively quick read for middle school and high school students. Not too mature for middle schools but still relevant for younger high school students. Star Girl is the title character, but the narrator is a boy, so it's a good book for both boys and girls. The book is great for any students who deal with peer pressure, struggle to fit in, or even fit in perfectly. It shows high school life from all angles. Even though the premise is a little fantastic, the characters feel very real.

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