Multiplication Tessellations

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
One tessellation worksheet with 168 times table problems and an answer sheet that shows the answers to each problem.

Need a more fun and graphic way to practice times tables?  Try our tessellation puzzles!

Tessellations are patterns with no overlapping shapes or gaps between shapes. They are common in nature (e.g., honeycombs) and in decorative and artistic patterns throughout history.

This puzzle draws on those beautiful patterns to help students practice times tables. Students complete problems and then fill in triangles with proscribed colors (different answers get different colors). When the problems are completed and colored correctly, students will create a perfect, colorful tessellation. Worksheets provide great times table practice, include fun coloring, and are self-correcting (because wrong answers will ruin the pattern). 

Chose the specific times tables you want to practice below.