Multiplication Sprint: Times Tables 1s-10s, 40 Problem Set

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
400 practice problems and an answer key.


This packet helps students practice memorizing their 1s-10s times tables. However, most schools ask students to memorize times tables 1s-12s. Each page has a random set of 40 problems. Each page also has a race formula to easily calculate scores. The student has a set time limit to finish all of the problems. Whatever problems are incorrect or blank after the time period are added together. That score is subtracted from 100 to get a final score. Students can then compare their scores to see who did the best. After doing all 400 problems, students should have memorized their 1s-10s times tables or be close to memorizing them. 

Sample Problem(s)

Find the product. 


  x 8   


  x 4 

Practice type: