A Ghost Named Wanda Reading Comprehension Packet

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Reading comprehension packet and answer key for: A Ghost Named Wanda by Dan Greenburg

Summary: A Ghost named Wanda is one of a serious of books called the Zack Files, in which strange things keep happening to Zack! In this case, Zack's house seems to have been invaded by a ghost. She keeps messing things up and getting him in trouble. What is he supposed to do? You'll never guess the solution that Zack comes up with!

Reading level: 2nd grade.

Themes: being a little boy, ghosts, messes, dealing with other students, making people believe you, humor.

Audience: This book is good for young children and early readers who are just getting into chapter books. It's got a fun subject and the style is quite funny. It's a thin book, with lots of pictures, to help retain attention. It's got fairly large type, so is not at all intimidating even for children just starting out on chapter books. Best of all, there is a whole series of Zack Files books, so if your child gets hooked, you'll be reading for a while.

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