April Fools' Day from the Black Lagoon Reading Comprehension Packet

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April Fools' Day from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler

April Fools' Day from the Black Lagoon is a the story of Hubie -- a student who LOVES April Fools' Day. He spends his whole morning thinking about pranks that he can play on his classmates. And, he gets very paranoid about the pranks that other people might play on him. This book allows students to enjoy this fun (and not-so-fun) holiday along with Hubie, his friends, and their crazy ideas.

Reading level: 3rd grade.

Themes: being a little boy, pranks, April Fools' Day, when pranks go overboard. It's great for boys, but girls also find it entertaining.

Audience: This book is good for early readers who are just getting into chapter books. The type is big and there are a lot of pictures, so it could be fun for students younger than 3rd grade. But it has some good vocabulary, which is what makes us put it as a 3rd grade book. It's a thin book, with lots of pictures and even some comics to help retain attention. There is a whole series of Black Lagoon Adventure books, so if your child gets hooked, you'll have fun reading for a while.

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