Summer Enrichment Day Camps

Although we love summers for vacations and days at the beach, it's also a great time to catch up, keep up, and leap ahead academically.  EdBoost enrichment day camps are intense, fun, and productive.  Students learn new skills, practice old skills, and do a lot of academic work.   

At EdBoost we believe that learning should be fun, but also that a lot of learning --  especially math -- must be explicit. So, we teach and practice academic materials explicitly (rather than trying to have students "absorb" math through science or other curriculum). Although there are active and hands-on parts of all of our camps, all of our camps have a strong academic slant and prioritize learning. In past years, students have finished their camps feeling like they have worked hard and learned a lot -- but also like they've had a good time doing it (and have enjoyed making friends from other schools, too!). And we love that summer allows us to give students the hands-on experiences that they don't always get in school (last year students in grades K-8 experienced all kinds of dissection adventures, and even the squeamish ones ended up loving it!).

All camps run from 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday (except for the CollegeBoost! Workshop which is just two crazy days of essay writing!).

If we have sufficient demand, we offer after-care (from 3pm-5:30 pm) for an additional \$100/week (or \$25/day). You can sign up for aftercare online when you enroll.  If you are signing up by day, just add the number of days you need to your cart.  You can specify particular days as we get closer to summer.  However, if you do wish to use aftercare please either sign up or let us know that you do want aftercare.  We will refund your payment if we do not have enough students to run the aftercare program (we need at least 3 students a day).

There are scholarships available for all camps and workshops (submit a scholarship form for your family's rate).  

We require full payment at the time of enrollment. Enrollment is on-going, but we ask you to sign up by June 1st so that we have time to cancel under-enrolled camps. Camps that are full or have been cancelled will be removed from the list below. If you can click a link and enroll in a camp, that camp is still accepting students. Camps must have at least 6 students enrolled or they will be canceled. Any enrolled students will receive a full refund for any camps cancelled due to low-enrollment. Camps that are cancelled due to a COVID related shut-down will also be fully refunded.  Except in cases of EdBoost cancellations, all camps are non-refundable. 

The maximum enrollment in each camp is 10-15 students (cap varies by camp). 

Camps accept students within specified age ranges.  Some camps also have pre-requisites.  If your child is outside the age range but meets pre-requisites, please send us a note (  We are happy to admit students to camps that are the right fit, even if the grade level is not a perfect fit.  

See list of 2024 Summer Enrichment Day Camps below

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