Test Proctoring

EdBoost Learning Center is a certified Testing Center for BYU Independent Study.  

Tests are proctored by EdBoost tutoring staff or senior staff. Proctoring appointments can be made by calling EdBoost at 310.559.1991.  Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 11am-6:30pm (according to proctor availability).  There are some morning appointments available on a case-by-case basis. During summer, appointments are available from 9am-6:30p Monday- Thursday (according to proctor availability).

To have EdBoost proctor a test, please call first to make sure that we have an appointment available that will fit in your schedule.  Please consider the fact that all BYU tests must be completed in one sitting when you make your appointment (if you need to leave or are still testing at our closing time of 6:30pm, you will have to conclude the exam).

Once you know that we can accomodate your schedule, go to the BYU Independent Study website to have your test sent to EdBoost (tests can be sent online, through regular mai,l or express mail).  Express mail tests should arrive the next day (although tests ordered late tend to take two days depending on the time you order the exam).  Tests ordered by mail tend to arrive in about a week (BYU Independent Study says to expect them in 7-10 days).  EdBoost will call you or email you when the tests arrive to confirm the appointment.

Test takers must bring a valid photo ID and pay for proctoring before the test is administered.  Tests vary in terms of what materials (e.g., textbooks, calculators, notes) are permitted during tests.  BYU does not allow us to open the tests until the test taker is ready to sit down and take the exam.  EdBoost rigorously follows all BYU Independent Study rules and guidelines for proctoring.

Note: If you are an EdBoost student, you may have your test proctored at EdBoost, but your tutor may not be your proctor.


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